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"The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely
better than those who try to do nothing
and succeed" - Lloyd Jones

If you like to place an order for "I Once Wore Diapers" or "Who Broke My Rice Bowl?", please fill up the form and send the appropriate payment to us. The form has to be filled up completely for your order to be successfully processed.

Price: Singapore Dollars $20 ( I Once Wore Diapers ) and
$12 ( Who Broke My Rice Bowl? ) for delivery to anywhere in Singapore. US Dollars $15 for delivery by postal mail to the rest of the world.

Please allow two weeks before we can effect delivery.

Book Order:

Please prepare cheque or money order payable to
HardKnocksCollege.com Pte Ltd and mail it to:

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Mobile: (65) 979 11128
Email: lum1128@HardKnocksCollege.com

Watch out for the next book, "When Life give you Lemons,
make Lemonade"

No Failure; Only Success Delayed. Author: Michael Lum

Indonesian Version
Available in Indonesian Book Shops

English Version
Available in Malaysian Book Shops

Available at www.daretofail.com
Book Launch. "I Once Wore Diapers" was launched by Mr. Goh Choon Kang, ex-Member of Parliament, Marine Parade GRC at the National Library, Stamford Road