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"When life descends into a pit I must light up
my own candle." - Author Unknown

There are many failures out there in the cold, waiting to be inspired by you. Help change a life. Alleviate the spirits of the downtrodden. Motivate the destitute to get up and move on. Touch the down and out.

If you have failed successfully, a tale to narrate, a cartoon to laugh at or an idea to share, we will be delighted to hear from you. A simple story can lift the spirits of a failure. He can, in turn, light a candle to brighten another failure. If this continues, the multiplier effect will illuminate the whole world. Together, we can be a lighthouse and evangelize all the failures on Earth. We love to see your stories in print in our book. Look for it in your favorite bookshop.

Please post your submissions, printed in double spacing, single side, point size 12, to:

HardKnocksCollege.com Pte Ltd

1 Sophia Road #04-26
Peace Centre
Singpaore 228146

Tel: (65) 6338 1128
Fax: (65) 6333
Mobile: (65) 979 11128

Email: lum1128@HardKnocksCollege.com

Michael Lum with his nephew Darren Ang posing for
"I Once Wore Diapers" publicity shot