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25 Laws

"Nobody succeeds in a big way except by risking failure."
- William Feather

1. Smile at failure. Failure only exists temporarily. Anticipate success will return.

2. Believe that there are no failures; we merely postpone our success. There are no failures in life, only delays. Failures are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks, to success. Unless there are failures, how can there be success?

3. Failure can be reversed into success.

4. Failure is a process. It is a series of events leading to the failure that fails.

5. It takes a lot of courage to fail.

6. Failing challenges us to greater heights.

7. It is a privilege to taste failure. Not everyone has the experience of a particular failure.

8. Failure is not final.

9. Accept the realities of failure. It strikes at everybody.

10. Do not brand ourselves as failures.

11. Regard failure as an isolated case. We have not failed; it is the work we have done that has failed. We must separate ourselves from failure. While we dislike our failure, we still love ourselves dearly.

12. Permit ourselves to fail.

13. Do not regard failing as a stigma.

14. Failure is not the opposite of success. It is the step prior to achieving success.

15. Any work we do has inevitably two results - failure or success. It is akin to tossing a coin in the air - the result is either a head or a tail when it lands on the ground. Sometimes, it happens that failure results. We did not choose failure.

16. Failure is a learning process. We learn failure in the school of hard knocks, just like we learn trigonometry in school. Regard failing as an education process.

17. Since failure is a learning process, enjoy failure! Failure can only be appreciated and enjoyed in the University of Life.

18. Failure is a resource from which we can draw invaluable experiences.

19. Failure creates other opportunities.

20. Focus on managing 20% of crucial failures. It contributes to 80% of the results.

21. Failure is not that important. It is the response we make to the failure that is important.

22. Read biographies of successful men and their failure. Study how it traumatized and spurs them on to greater heights. Model them.

23. Pamper yourself with a good book, holiday, meal, movie or simply laze around and smell the roses.

24. Plan and strategize what is the next course of our action.

25. Finally, remember success is managing failure.

When we are successful, we will look back at our failures with a grin. How badly we took it when we could have enjoyed and savored them.

"Men are born to succeed - not to fail" Henry Thoreau