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Michael Lum presenting "I Once Wore Diapers" to Mr. Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister of Singapore.

Michael Lum with Bill and Hillary Clinton, taken in a gift shop near The White House in Washington D.C.
Cheryl Fox interviewed Michael Lum for Channel News Asia when he conducted free workshops for the unemployed and retrenched workers
Michael received his NLP Trainer's Licence from Ted and Adriana James
(American Board of NLP) at UNSW
Michael received his Time Line and Hypnotherapy Trainer's Licenses from Ted James (Time Line Therapy Association and American Board of Hypnotherapy)
Michael Lum with Tan Guan Heng, a visually impaired author of
Night Butterfly

Michael Lum with John Gray when he attended "Men are from Mars;
Women are from Venus" program in Washington D.C.

Michael Lum with Dr. Katari, founder of Laughter Yoga during his training workshop in serious laughing and laughter clubs.

Michael Lum collaborating with Billi Lim, author of "Dare to Fail". His company, Hard Knocks Factory, will be translating "I Once Wore Diapers" in 5 languages under the new title
"NoFailure; Only Success Delayed".

Michael Lum with Prof Tommy Koh, Singapore's

Michael Lum with Fandi Ahmad, Singapore's favorite footballer

Michael Lum with his hynopsis teacher Calvin Banyan

Michael Lum with Tony Buzan, inventor of
Mind Maps and Mind Mapping

Michael Lum with Philip Jeyarethnam, Senior Counsel, President of the Law Society and author of First Loves, Raffles Place Ragtime and Abraham's Promise

Michael Lum with world-class trainer Michael Podolinsky

Michael Lum with Ron Cartey, author of Inspirational Training

Michael Lum with author Dr. Catherine Lim, Singapore's most celebrated writer

Michael Lum with NNG Kutty, author of Adrian Lim's Beastly Killings, President of Society of Singapore
Writers and veteran crime journalist.

Michael Lum with Jim Aitchison,
author of Sarong Party Girls and Mr Midnight

Michael Lum and Billi Lim went live on TV3

Michael Lum with Stanley Leong during Radio 938 interview in the Living Room

Michael Lum with Abe Wagner, developer of "Breaking the Communication Barrier" program
Michael with Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking, 2001
Michael with Dr Dennis Wee, President, Dennis Wee Group

Michael Lum training Bossini shop managers

Michael Lum

Michael Lum