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Michael with his NLP teachers,
Ted and Adriana James of
American Board of NLP
Michael received and coach-assisted
NLP training in his alma mater,
University of New South Wales.





NLP CERTIFICATION (Neuro-linguistics Programming)

Obtain 3 internationally-recognized Certifications in 5 days:

1. American Board of NLP
2. American Board of Hypnotherapy
3. Time Line Therapy® Association

Re-Program Your Life For Health, Happiness and Success!
Become The Person You Want To Be . . .

• Attract the Right Love Relationship
• Achieve Business and Career Goals
• Accelerate Healing
• Awaken to Your Higher Consciousness
• Change Your Financial Future
• Create Successful Relationships
• Define What You Really Want in Life
• Develop a Winning Attitude
• Eliminate Bad Habits


Do the things you always wanted to do

What would you like to accomplish in your life? Is there something you've always wanted to do in your life, but for some reason or another, have never been able to actualize? If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?

Create what you want in your life

What do you want in your life? If you could have anything at all, what would you want? What do you want emotionally, socially, financially, mentally and spiritually?

The 7 day Certification shows you specifically how to choose what is important to you and how to have those things that you desire. This powerful process has a successful and proven track record.

Make changes in your life quickly and easily.

Nobody is perfect. We have all things we need to change. What would you like to change? How would you like things to be different?

This workshop gives you the power to make personal changes, quickly and easily. You can change your life and yourself easily and effortlessly. It can be painless. It doesn't have to take months or years. It can take weeks, or days, or no time at all!


Using the technology of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®, you can become certified in each of these technologies in only 7 days.

NLP is one of the most advanced technologies today for creating human change both in individuals and groups in Business, Education and Therapy. NLP installs a compelling future for both your professional and personal life. Andre Agassi, Anthony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair achieve peak performance with NLP.

Neuro refers to the thinking process and nervous systems which our experience are processed through the five senses – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. Linguistics refers to the words, the way you use and how it influences you and other people. Programming is the way you organize your ideas and action in sequence to achieve specific outcomes.

NLP is a synthesis of cognitive and behavioural psychology. NLP is the use of the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcome.

During the Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training® you can expect to learn how to

Use NLP applications in:

• Business, Sales and Communication
• Therapy and Relationships
• Personal Growth and Change
• Education and Learning

Creating Rapport:

• Indicators of Rapport
• Pacing
• Matching and Mirroring
• Group Rapport
• Leading

Master language & communication:

• Always get agreement
• Get the information you want, when you want it
• Elegantly disagree with others, without offending them
• Uncover hidden agendas
• Get your point across without resistance
• Get your listener curious and interested
• Use metaphors and stories with a purpose
• The Hierarchy of Ideas: Chunking
• The Milton Model: Ambiguity
• The Power of Utilization
• The Meta Model: Specificity

Enhancing Your Sensory Acuity:

• Increasing Your Sensory Awareness
• Secrets of Learning Easily

Gain control of Your Internal Representations:

• Leverage Using Universal and Drivers
• Changing Beliefs
• Overlap
• Swish Patterns

Learn How to Use Internal Representational Systems:

• Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
• Noticing and Using Predicates
• Eye Accessing and Eye Patterns

Discover Strategies of Human Behavior:

• Improving Learning Skills
• Buying and Motivation Strategies
• How People Decide
• The Convincer Strategy
• The Reassurance Strategy
• Creating and Designing Strategies
• Love Strategies & Relationships


• Four Keys to Anchoring
• Chaining Anchors
• Eliminating Procrastination
• Designing Anchor Chains
• Building Your Own Personal Anchors
• Anchors in Relationships
• Utilizing Anchors


• Context Reframe
• Meaning Reframe
• The Visual Squash (with demo)
• Parts of the Unconscious Mind
• Methods for Integrating Parts
• An NLP Model of Therapy
• Resolving Phobic Behaviour
• NLP Negotiation Model


You will also learn hypnotherapy. We also include training in Ericksonian indirect permissive Hypnotherapy. In addition, the training allows you to receive certification as a Hypnotherapist.


Gain total control of your life:

• Move through yours and others internal blocks
• Eliminating negative emotions, beliefs and decisions
• Make the right decisions
• Get to know what you really want
• Get motivated and stay motivated

Create the kind of future you really want

• Understand your own internal time machine and how it creates your future
• Use S-M-A-R-T criteria for making your goals come true
• Eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions
• Learn how to visualize your future so it's more compelling, motivating and exciting for you

This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. So your certification has worldwide recognition. It is also recognized by the Time Line Therapy Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.


Participants who satisfactorily completed the certification will be awarded American Board of NLP Practioner, American Board of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy ® Association certificates. They can put the title “NLP Practitioner” after their names.


Normal Price: S$2500 Now: $1998
Please send cheque payable to " HardKnocksCollege.com Pte Ltd " with name and contact on the back.


Michael Lum, ABC True Hero, B.Acc, M.Com. American Board of NLP Trainer, American Board of Hypnotherapy Trainer, Time Line Therapy ® Trainer, AMA Trainer, Louis Allen Program Leader, Author, I Once Wore Diapers, No Failures; Only Success Delayed, Who Broke My Rice Bowl? From Beggars to Millionaires.


Please check Home Page for Dates.

For more info, please call 6338 1128 or email lum1128@HardKnocksCollege.com

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Be A Certified Trainerpreneur

“It’s no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”
— St. Francis of Assisi


Training is a service-based business in education enrichment. You can operate from the comforts of your home till your golden years. At last, you don’t have to work for turkeys for the rest of your life! This profession will make you financially independent. The cost of operating a training business is minimal — just photocopying and transport costs. That’s all. The rest are in your expertise and your mere presence! As long as you have 'fire in your belly' to share your expertise, you can be a trainer. In Remaking Singapore, the government has the ambition to promote Singapore as a world-class training hub. Many trainers have forgotten that marketing themselves is just as important as the training itself. That is where we will fill in the gap. In this practical-based program, we mould you into world-class trainers. If you do what you love and love what you do, you’ll never have to work a single day in your life.

Workshop Details

Time of Workshop:
a. Weekend Format: Saturdays 9am – 6pm or
b. Evening Format: 2 weekday evenings per week (7 to 10 pm)
Personal coaching after class (subject to availability)

Duration of workshops Equivalent of twelve full days (3 months)

Orientation Dinner

Orientation dinner allows you to know the teaching mentors and network with each another. At the same time, we will give you the necessary reading materials, assignments and complete some paperwork to prepare yourself for the training business.

What is a Trainerpreneur?

Our graduates are Certified Trainerpreneurs (Trainers-cum-entrepreneurs). Besides equipping you with training skills, we will share with you ideas on how to position and brand yourselves. You must have visibility in the marketplace to be noticed. Packaging, personal branding and public relations are crucial but often neglected parts of the training profession. Many service-oriented professionals have inadvertently forgotten the importance of branding and marketing. Our objective is to enable you to operate a successful training business. If you evolve to be a better trainer than the Master Trainer, then we would have accomplished our mission.

Conduct of Workshop

Workshop is action-based, experiential and highly interactive. You are expected to engage and participate actively in the workshops by delivering your own customized programs in a friendly and non-threatening environment. By fine-tuning them in class, you will learn to deliver them professionally in the more unforgiving real market place. The more often you deliver, the easier and better it becomes.

Additionally, we provide one-to-one consultation for participants. This is available for one hour after class, subject to facilitator’s availability.

What is Action-Based Training?

Our training is action-based. Action-Based Training begins with a problem. Through a questioning and reflective process, team action is taken to solve the problem. Participants must make a commitment to learning and a resolution to take action. The facilitator facilitates this process.

Workshop Assignments

In addition to participation in the workshops, there are weekly practical assignments. You are required to view professional videos, read books, summarize the day’s 'learning gems' and design a workshop program. A two-to-five page submission is required. Videos and books are made available, on loan, to you.


In the final graduation project, you are required to demonstrate your competence by delivering a 2 hours live workshop in class as if you are conducting in a real-time environment.

Earn as You Learn

Make money as you participate in this program. Train others as you are being trained. Share your expert knowledge passionately and joyfully with others. In sharing, you receive payment. What a profession! Very few professions grant you this privilege.

We do not encourage you to quit your job. You earn money training part-time while you work full-time in your current position. Begin training either on a voluntary or professional basis. You will soon recoup the investment you put in for this diploma program. Then, when you are confident and competent enough, you can take on the harsh business world. If you do what you love and love what you do, you don’t have to work for a single day.

Advanced Training

To develop yourself professionally, you need to attend workshops, seminars or talks of an eclectic nature. Different folks use different instructional methods to drive home the learning points. You are expected to read widely to acquire the breadth of knowledge required of a professional trainer. To increase your level of upfront delivery skills, we will expose you to opportunities to speak in front of different live audiences.

Are There Any Other Learning Activities?

Besides workshops, when time permits, we will tour libraries (for books and videos), music stores, training centers and corporations. Participants will be able to practice their delivery skills in public-speaking clubs. In addition, we will attend talks and workshops as a group, where possible. We will block-book seminars where you will be exposed to different workshop deliveries. The discount received will be passed on to you.

Professional Training

Upon completion of your training, you can deliver your maiden workshop. First of all, you must be competent and confident. Continuous training in the real commercial world hones your facilitation and speaking skills. The facilitator is able to assist, supervise or accompany you on a professional basis.

What Happens After the Workshops?

No, we do not simply bid you 'adieu' and part company upon your graduation. We will continue to mentor you and hold your hand for eleven months after your graduation. We will gather informally either individually or as a group. You may call, fax, email or SMS us for consultation and advice.

What is the Size and Profile of the Class?

We love to engage you in class. Although we have good response, we keep the class to a low Trainerpreneurs-Master Trainer ratio – small enough to have a personal touch and big enough to instill group dynamics. There is a good mix of mature participants possessing a rich background from across the industries. Netwebbing is one of the advantages in participating in our workshops. You are never too mature or over-qualified to learn! In fact, the silver hair is a hallmark of an accomplished Trainer!

Which Area of Training Should I Focus on?

We do not offer any specialized area of training at this point of time. You should choose your own area of specialty based on your education, profession or passion. For instance, an accountant may specialize in finance, a mother in skills for managing teenagers and a cabin crew member in customer service. Similarly, a health enthusiast can focus on workshops promoting a healthy lifestyle while a happily married couple can even conduct relationship retreats! The possibilities are endless.

You’ll Take Home a Toolbox

Essentially, all your skills you acquire at the workshop will be accumulated in a 'toolbox'. They help you every time you deliver a program. Many of the worksheets can be adapted and reproduced easily. Training aids, like OHP pointers, games, puzzles, your name laser-etched in pinewood, will be given free. No boring lectures, fuzzy theories, thick manuals, laborious case studies and heavy assignments here. We will share with you the essential ingredients for conducting a successful workshop.

Does the Company Offer Training Jobs?

We do not want to hand you fishes. Instead, we will teach you how to operate the fishing tackle and how to fish, lead you to the fishing grounds and then, you can go fishing. Don’t rush to where fishermen gather. Even in your golden years, whether you retire or continue working, you will still have a fulfilling profession as a financially independent trainer. This is a lifelong skill that no one can steal from you! Remember, young enterprising people love to learn from your rich experiences. So you can relate your stories at leisure — and collect payment later.

What about Training Opportunities?

We will provide you with ample opportunities to speak publicly in front of different live audiences. Where possible, we will organize mini workshops for you to conduct before 'the rubber meets the road'.

There are also netwebbing opportunities where course mates can cross-market each another. We intend to have a website where we will promote your training specialties as well. If we receive any enquiries that are relevant to your area of specialization, we will refer them to you.

Course Contents

Module 1

Welcome to the world of training!
What is a Trainerpreneur?
The difference among lecturers, speakers and trainers.
The reality of the training business.
Prepare your specialty dish.
Training needs analysis.
Setting training objectives.
Training methods.
Andragogy vs Pedagogy. How children differ from adults in learning.
Creating a lesson plan.

Module 2

Icebreaker. Building rapport. Opening and closing techniques.
Social contracts. Daily summarizing.
Audio-visual aids: OHP, CD, video, audiocassette, PC, hi-fi.
The art of flip charting.
Edutainment™: Music, cartoons, magic, humor, puzzles, exercises, individual games, group games, Post-it pads, training aids.
Entertraining™: Use of metaphors, jokes, case studies, role-play and Dramatraining™

Module 3

Training logistics. Training resources.
Room arrangement. Working your room.
Establishing an OMO home-based training business.
Type of business: sole proprietorship, partnership or private limited company.
Marketing of training services. Positioning and Personal Branding
Public relations. Market segmentation. Marketing warfare. Certification.
Training associations.
Dealing with difficult participants.
Evaluation. Dealing with poor evaluation.

Module 4

Power delivery techniques. Stand-up speaking skills.
How to make the butterflies in your stomach fly in formation.
Speaking with persuasion. Thinking on your feet.
How to tell jokes and stories. Using statistics. Dealing with difficult questions.
Facilitation techniques.

Module 5

Applied Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) in Training.
What is NLP? Maps and filters. Rapport Technology. Matching and mismatching.
Pacing and leading. Anchoring. Submodalities. The doors of perception.
Representational systems. Preferred representational systems. Eye assessing cues. Reframing. Use of metaphors. Chunking.

Module 6

Applied Transactional Analysis (TA) in Training.
The three ego states. The transaction in training. The four life positions.
Time structures.
Rackets and game analysis. Stamps collection. Discounting. Life scripts.
How the scripts are lived out.
Use of TA and strokes in training.

Module 7

The Master Trainer’s voice.
Vocal check. Your vocal stature. How voice is created. Vocal charisma.
Vocal awareness. Innovating a wholesome voice. Vocal exercises.
The breathing space. The fuel of breath. The body of sound. Throwing your voice.
Vocal range. Inflections. The influence of resonance. Emotive speaking.
The sound of confidence. Creating your vocal identity.

Module 8

Graduation Practicum. Individual presentation of expert subject in an actual workshop setting with real participants. The project should incorporate all the skills acquired in all the modules. Duration: 1 to 2 hour.
Graduation ceremony.

Master Trainer

MICHAEL LUM B.Acc (NUS) M.Com (UNSW) Grad Dip (Training & Development) Civil Service College, Dip in Training (AIU)

American Board of NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapy Trainer, American Board of Hypnotherapy Trainer, Louis Allen Program ® Leader, American Management Association Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Transaction Analyst (supervisee), NGH Hypnotherapist, IACT Stressologist, Advanced Toastmaster (Gold), Laughter Yoga Instructor, Family Life Ambassador, PhD candidate. One of Singapore’s most colorful trainers, Michael has trained more than 10,000 executives in Asia Pacific. Having attended the Graduate Diploma in Training and various Train-the-Trainer programs around the world, Michael is a product of the product. He is interviewed frequently by radio, television and newspapers.

Author, “I Once Wore Diapers”, “No Failures; Only Success Delayed”,
“Who Broke My Rice Bowl?”, “Theory K” and “From Beggars to Millionaires”

Workshop Details

Duration: Equivalent of twelve full days.

Location: To be announced.

Investment: S$2800. Early Bird Special: $2500

Enquiries: Please call Michael at 6338 1128 or 979 11128

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Be A Writerpreneur

“The great end of life is not knowledge, but action.”
– Thomas Huxley

Life is unfair! However, you have to power to change it! You can rewrite the script in your life and relive a successful story. Reinvent yourself. Bring out the “artist-in-residence” in you. Be an author and join the hallowed ranks of writers.

Program Objectives
1. To help you write and publish your book
2. To help launch, promote and market your book

Secondary Objectives
1. Initiate and promote your personal branding
2. Champion and publicize your passion or causes
3. Launch your career or business
4. Market your products or services

Advantages of Writing Books
1. Leave a legacy behind for your loved ones.
2. Share your wisdom/technology with others.
3. Develop your own intellectual rights.
4. Have residual income for the rest of your life. No expiry date.
5. Good monthly cash flow.
6. High visibility in the marketplace. Attract prospects.
7. Make you a “guru” on the subject. Establish credibility.
8. Self-actualization. You have not ‘arrived” until you write a book.
9. Realize your dream of writing and publishing your own book.

Multiple Sources of Income
1. Direct book sales
2. Book sales from bookshops
3. Talks and workshops
4. Licensing rights – other countries, languages and form (audio or video)
5. Others – board games, posters, tapes

Program Details
Be A Writerpreneur
Date: To be announced
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Venue: To be announced
Investment: $688 per person (Singapore Dollars)
Enquiries: Call Michael Lum at 65-97911128

Free Gifts
Michael Lum personally autographs 2 books, I Once Wore Diapers and Who Broke My Rice Bowl? free of charge for you.

A free mentorship of 7 months will be accorded to every participant.

Facilitator: Michael Lum, ABC True Hero, B.Acc, M.Com, Master Trainer and Author, I Once Wore Diapers, No Failures, Only Success Delayed, Who Broke My Rice Bowl? From Beggars to Millionaires.

Program Outline

Characteristics of Bestsellers
Formula of a bestseller

Ten steps to writing a Successful Book
What are steps to write a book?

Generating Ideas
How to generate ideas? Tools for creativity. Creativity techniques in writing. Creativity tips.

Using Brain Maps
Rules for Brain Maps. How to do a Brain Map for your book.

The process of writing
Ideal time and place, How to motivate yourself, Finding inspiration, How not to quit, Completing the journey.

Cartoons, Poems, Charts. Graphs, Photographs, Quotes, Interviews

Self-Publishing versus Publishers
Advantages and Disadvantages

The Production Phase
Choosing a printer, Quotations, Design of cover, Application of ISBN, Page layout, Indexing, Editing, Proof reading, Forward, Supervision of printing, Packaging, Delivery, Storage.

The Marketing Phase
Finding a distributor, Makeover, Book Launch, Marketing, Promotion, Publicity, Gimmicks

Instructional Methodology
Lecturettes, Brainstorming, Games, Brain Mapping, Videos, Discussion and Case Studies, Book Samples and Mentoring

Who Must Attend
Executives, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their lives and an impact in other people’s lives.

“I shall pass through this world but once,
therefore any good thing that I can do
or any kindness that I can show any human being,
let me do it now,
not defer or neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again.”

- Theodore Dreiser

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